Natàlia Cornudella (1996)

Based in Barcelona. She works mainly in analog format. Specialized in creative and fashion photography, she has also worked in still photography and BTS photography in several productions.

Graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (2018), she complements her artistic training for six years at Traç School (Barcelona), at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (Barcelona) with monographic courses and at Eina school (Barcelona) with a Postgraduate Course in Photography and Editorial Design (2020).

Her work has been published by Soccerbibile, Neo2 Magazine, Trax Magazine. She has also worked with Adidas, Netflix, Estrella Damm and with talents such as Bad Gyal, Quevedo, Belén Aguilera and Alexia Putellas.

+34 644 473 772
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